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Barham & Wells started the first bus service at The Entrance to Wyong in opposition to a ferry service. The roads were so bad that they ceased operating and commenced a service between The Entrance and Gosford known as "The Red Bus Company - Tuggerah Lakes Motors".


Bus service sold to the present owners originally called "Slomans Bus Service" then changed to "The Entrance Red Bus Service".


Purchased the "Springfield/East Gosford" service and renamed it "Gosford Bus Service".


Purchased The Entrance to Wyong, The Entrance to Ourimbah and Ourimbah to Wyong services.


Purchased The Entrance local service giving Red Bus control of all services operating in The Entrance area. In the early 1950's Red Bus also operated coach services out of Newcastle, Gosford and Cooma and was the first mainland bus company to operate a coach to Tasmania. During this period, Red Bus also purchased the Gosford - Ridgeway - Lisarow route and the Gosford to Kariong route. However, both were later sold.


Purchased the Gosford to Matcham - Holgate service.


Commenced operating the Central Coast Airbus between Sydney Airport and the Central Coast. This ceased operating in 2000.


Currently known as "Red Bus Services" employing over 100 staff and operating a fleet of 96 modern buses and three coaches. Red Bus Services service a large area of the Central Coast bounded by Gosford in the South to Lakehaven in the North, Bateau Bay in the East to Ourimbah and Wyong in the West. Most services operate seven days a week and some services can have frequencies of up to 20 minutes between buses.


Red Bus Services Depot

The Entrance Red Bus Service

Barham-Wells started the first bus service at The Entrance N.S.W over the Christmas holiday period in 1923. The service operated between The Entrance and Wyong in opposition to the ferry service that was operating at the time. Due to the road conditions at that time the service ceased to operate after five weeks.

It was then decided to operate a service between The Entrance and Gosford and a name change was introduced, "The Red Bus Tuggerah Lakes Motors".

In 1939-40 successful negotiations were started for the purchase of "The Red Bus Tuggerah Lakes Motors" by Slomans Bus Service, at which time the name was changed to "The Entrance Red Bus Service".

Slomans Bus Service operated a service in Armidale N.S.W and included in the purchase were five buses, two 19 seat Chevrolets, one 38 seat Fargo, one 40 seat White and a 40 seat Maple Leaf. The depot was situated in Dening Street, The Entrance, with much of the surrounding land being used as camping grounds. As The Entrance township area developed it became necessary for the bus depot to relocate and so negotiations began between The Entrance Red Bus and Wyong Shire Council to find a suitable site.

The site of a disused sand quarry at Bateau Bay was agreed on and a purpose built depot was built and opened in October 1981. This depot is still used today with the bus fleet averaging between 60 and 70 Buses.

The company has always been a family concern with the present day owners being fourth generation descendants of the Sloman family, many of whom are involved with the day to day operations and the original philosophy to provide a good service for all its passengers and a friendly, safe environment for all their employees, still continues. A testament to that is the number of employees that have been with the company for most of their working years.

Today, the company is known as "Red Bus Services" and from July 2006 was the first private bus company outside the Sydney Metropolitan area to negotiate a contractual arrangement with the N.S.W Government enforcing Red Bus Service's commitment to the Central Coast of N.S.W.