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Red Bus Services offer a School Bus Safety Program free to all schools that use our services.


The programme is aimed at teaching younger students safe behaviour while on the bus.

It also teaches them the safe way to wait at the bus stop and to wait for the bus to leave and look both ways before crossing the road. This programme has been run by Stephen (Gumnuts) O’Brien for many years who has taken it to most primary schools on the Central Coast.

If his and our efforts have saved one young child’s life it has been worthwhile.  

Our Bus Safety team travel to your school and provide a classroom tutorial (approximately 45 minutes) on school bus safety, running through some key points including:

  • waiting at bus stops
  • getting on and off the bus at school and at bus stops
  • safe behaviour whilst travelling on the bus
  • student code of conduct
  • using the School Opal card
  • telling the bus driver about problems on the bus
  • parent/carers responsibilities (waiting on the correct side of the road)
  • evacuation procedure in case of an emergency
  • the role of public transport in the community.

Red Bus provides a range of incentives for students at the end of the tutorial to say they have completed the program.

Schools should click here to book in their free School Bus Safety Training Program.